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Clare de Boer & Jess Shadbolt on King’s New Lunch Menu Launch

I had never met chefs Clare de Boer or Jess Shadbolt before they’d walked into our studios at 710 WOR this past week for an interview, but I had heard of their restaurant in Soho called “King” from friends who praised their cooking and dined there regularly.

They too had read Pete Wells’ review of the spot in the NY Times back in June of 2017. “They put pleasure at the table above gymnastics on the plate.” said Wells, later adding that the “chefs strike like cobras… when some new seasonal ingredient appears on the scene…” It was immediately clear after reading the review that de Boer and Shadbolt had something refreshingly unique in NYC, even if dishes reminiscent of the River Cafe in London–where the two cut their teeth–made their way onto the menu occasionally.

There’s no lack of creativity at King though, the chefs serve up a new slate of delicious dishes every night. And with the addition of a lunch menu–served Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.–they replicate the feat twice each day.

Be sure to tune into our chat this Saturday at 8 p.m., where we discuss King’s new menu, Pete Wells’ two-star review of the restaurant and de Boer and Shadbolt’s fascinating rise in the NYC food scene.

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